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Women Best Travel gives you unique experiences in one of the most exotic destinations in North Africa; MOROCCO, an adventure of a lifetime.







We push boundaries on Women’s Travel

Women Best Travel Sahara Desert Best Private Morocco Travel Agency for all the female travelers out there dreaming about Morocco. come join us for this life-changing adventure experiences that bring women together, take them out of their comfort zones to the most magical

attractions of Morocco from historical sites of the medina of Fes and Marrakech, Atlas mountains, Sahara desert  To sharing experiences with local women because we believe the best way to have a positive impact locally is through connecting and forming quality relationships. We do our best as a local team to create a sustainable change for women in our country. Doing so helps us create experiences that will truly be of value for everyone we look forward to maintaining the genuine culture of local communities in Morocco and. our hope is to remind our intangible heritage through our sustainable journeys.

What We Believe In: Our Values at Morocco Travel Agency Women Best Travel Sahara Desert Best Private Adventure Travel tours

1 – Connecting women with each other, empowering them to learn more about the world, and themselves.
2 – Explore our Culture, get off the beaten path, and build meaningful connections with local women.
3 – Strengthening the values of a civil society aiming at achieving a fruitful sustainable development.
4 – Charity: Giving back and making a difference in the causes women care about.

5 – Personalized  Women Best Travel Sahara Desert Best Private Adventure Travel


women-only trips where we focus on immersion. Each itinerary includes opportunities to learn from local women. Whenever possible we stay in women-owned hotels, eat in women-owned restaurants, work with women-owned suppliers and invest in women-owned businesses. We believe women can and do change the world.




Tours From Marrakech A large selection of Marrakech Tours  and multiday Trips you can book with WomenBestTravel, All our Turs are in small and private groups to offer the most authentic and unique experiences from exploring the hight Atlas Mountains, their scenic views and magical landscapes, The Sahara Desert And much More ….