Tours from Tangier: Welcome to colorful Tangier, for centuries the gateway to Africa from Europe, the closest port town to spain, a paradise that blends into the décor between the pure Bleu of the sky, the bleu of the atlantic  ocean and the bleu of the Mediterranean.

Tangier is an uncontrolled mix of North Africa, Spain, Portugal and France. Each day ferries cross the Strait of Gibraltar to this city from Europe, making it one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Africa.

You can easily spend a few days in Tangier without getting bored. There are a lot of cultural, historical and colorful sites to visit, and if you have few days, the ideal will be to take several days tours exploring the north,fes and sahara desert.

Tours From Tangier

Things to do in and around Tangier

Get Lost In The Kasbah

Kasbah dates back to the 17th century and it is interesting to wander throught its narrow streets and the famous 17th-century palace, now transformed into a museum and located off the Place du Menchoar (often referred to as Place de la Kasbah).

the Kasbah is a scenic area of whitewashed houses and stunning panoramas. You can Spend around an hour wandering the Kasbah, exploring its brightly colored tangle of streets. A map near the Bab Haha gate highlights the best self-guided walking path.

If you want to see the Kasbah but fear getting lost, there are always tours available so you won’t have to miss out on this wonderful experience!

The Grande Mosquée Of Tangier

The historic main mosque of Tangier, Morocco, located in the city’s old medina, the route leading towards the sea leads east past this grand green-shingled mosque, which at one time housed a Portuguese church. Entry is prohibited for non-Muslims.

Phoenician tombs

 In the early 1900’s nearly 100 graves were exhumed from this Punic-Roman necropolis overlooking the sea. 3000-year old cemetery of nearly 100 graves to watch the sun set into the Mediterranean sea, below.Just up the street from Cafe Hafa.

Kasbah Museum

Previously known as ‘Dar al Makhzen’ or Sultan’s Palace this museum takes an important portion of Tangier’s Kasbah. The museum boasts a selection of mosaics, Moroccan artworks, and artifacts. It is also worth a visit for the beautiful buildings and gardens. The museum gives a picture of the historical role played by Tangier in linking Africa and Europe benefiting from its geographical location.

Tangier City Tours


You can get on and off all day long with the same ticket, and learn about the history of the city through a comfortable audio system with earphones, in eight different languages. The two routes offered by Tangier City Tour allow you to get to know the thousand-year-old city of Tangier and its surroundings. Enjoy the seafront of the beach, the kasbah and the medina with its small streets and the modern part of the city, as well as the famous caves of Hercules and Cape Espartel, a meeting point between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

Tangier Full Day city tour

visit the old medina of Tangier, American Legation, the Mendoubia and Gardens, Petit Souko and Grand Souko, Matisse Itinerary, cap Spartel and its beaches, Hercules caves, the corniches and the Museum of the Kasbah.

Tours From Tangier

Tangier Desert Tours


If you are looking for a real Sahara desert tour adventure from tangier if you are going to Morocco for a honeymoon, family trip, or outgoing with friends, our desert tours from Tangier we offer you a wide range of options and customized tours.

 Desert tours from tangier to Marrakech through Chefchaouen, Fes, and Merzouga desert is the best opportunity to experience spending the night under the stars and watch the magical sunset over the desert dunes.

Morocco Desert Experience

we offer a range of private guided trips from tangier to the Sahara desert designed to suit your ideal travel plan, short trip to sahara desert through chefchaouen, fes and the sahara desert.

Tangier, Fes, the Sahara desert and Marrakech !

Where the Sahara dunes begin, from where you will start camel trekking. This is truly an experience that will change you, as you’ll find yourself at peace in the middle of the desert, riding a camel while the sun sets and the warm air mixed with sand gently brushes your skin.


Women best Travel Offers  Morocco Sahara desert tour from Tangier

Looking for the perfect Moroccan holiday from Tangier to Marrakesh? Well then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Women Best Travel  we offer unique and authentic experiences that allow you to truly get a feel for this culturally and geographically diverse country. From Tangier to the Blue Town, to the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert and the ancient imperial cities of Fez and Marrakesh, to guided day excursions of Marrakech, our customised experiences from Tangier to Marrakech  Trip will have you stepping into the lives of locals and getting acquainted with the food, culture and traditions of this fascinating country. 

7 Day Tour from Tangiers to Marrakech via Fez and the Sahara Desert

10 days Tangier to Marrakech Desert tours Itinerary

4 Days Tangier to Marrakech via  Fez  and The  Sahara Desert

7 Day Tour From Tangiers To Marrakech Via Fez And The Sahara Desert