Trekking and Hiking Morocco Tours

Trekking and Hiking Morocco Tours

2 Days Mount Toubkal Trek From Marrakech 

3 days Atlas mountains trekking

Sahara Desert Treks

No matter what you’re looking for, you can find a diverse range of the best hiking trails in Morocco to suit your needs. Explore one of 7 family-friendly hikes for a sunny weekend. Plan your next outdoor adventure to one of 15 routes with waterfalls or scenic views.

Morocco is a country of diverse landscapes, including outstanding hiking destinations that offer both beautiful scenery and a glimpse into rich local history and culture.

Beyond its historic cities and unique and delectable cuisine, Morocco has some of the best hiking locations where you can enjoy dramatic rocky coastlines, snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, and beautiful natural scenery.

Trekking and Hiking Morocco ToursJebel Toubkal Hight Atlas mountains and berber villages 

The following cities, towns and villages are located in the High Atlas :

Marrakech: The very name of this vibrant city brings to mind the many exotic features of Morocco, and it lives up to its reputation.

Aït-Benhaddou: This traditional mud brick city, which is on the UNESCO Heritage List, has been featured in a number of films, often as Jerusalem.

Amizmiz: Often used as the starting point for exploring the High Atlas, this traditional Berber village is the venue for one of the region’s largest Berber souks.

Asni: Situated in the foothills of the High Atlas, this small town lies on the two main routes into the Atlas Mountains and caters for a steady flow of tourist trade.

Imlil: This village in the High Atlas serves as a base for muleteers and mountain guides working in the area of Jebel Toubkal and is a starting point for trekking in the mountains.

Oukaimeden: This is Morocco’s best snow skiing resort which attracts skiing enthusiasts from far and wide during the winter months.

Tinerhir: This small town is a popular access point to the Todra Gorge of the High Atlas.

Aremd: Located at 1907 meters, this village is a haven of clean air and peace and quiet in the Toubkal region.

Immouzzer: Located on the edge of Paradise Valley in the foothills of the Atlas Mountain, this town is an excellent base for exploring the natural wonders of the area, including fascinating limestone caves and rock formations.

Le Haouz: Located at an altitude of 1200 meters, this family-oriented community is virtually self-sufficient and is an outstanding example of a Moroccan village which has been unaffected by modern living.

Other small Berber villages located in the High Atlas include Hadd Imoulas, Assaka, Aguerd Ousguine, Tizi Ijarifen, Mellez, Aït Mancour, Ifrane and Ighil.

Popular activities in the High Atlas include mountain biking, walking, hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, peak-bagging and trekking, either on foot or on mules. Visiting Berber villages and experiencing life as a local is a popular activity, allowing tourists to gain in-depth knowledge of the people living in Morocco’s magnificent High Atlas.

M’goun Massif

M’Goun massif lies between the central plains and the Sahara desert of Morocco. High rounded peaks, massive rock slabs, and mud-formed spires overlook vast treeless valleys and sparsely vegetated plateaus.

M’Goun massif lies between the central plains and the Sahara desert of Morocco. High rounded peaks, massive rock slabs, and mud-formed spires overlook vast treeless valleys and sparsely vegetated plateaus. Split by rivers and canyons, the landscape provides interesting trail challenges with a traverse of M’Goun, followed by long, slow descents and sudden ascents, and one day negotiating a narrow canyon filled with water. The nomadic Ait Atta people tribes graze their animals here during the summer months; hare and fox, wolf, toads, frogs, vulture, and the rare Bonelli-eagle make this barren land their home. Few trees include poplars, junipers, and scrub willows.

The Ait Bougmez Valley in Morocco is home to the country’s second tallest peak known as Jbel Mgoun, which runs along the Mgoun Massif in Morocco’s Central High Atlas Mountains. While the region has all these nomenclatures, most trekkers and guides alike simply call it Ait Bougmez (dubbed by the French as “Happy Valley”). While Jbel Mgoun stands at 4,068 meters (exactly 100 meters lower than Mount Toubkal), it receives about 25% (or less) of the hikers that the Toubkal region receives.

Rif Mountains

Jebel Saghro

jebel Sirwa

Ifrane National Park

Paradise Valley

Trekking and Hiking Morocco Tours