5 Days Trekking Desert Tours From Marrakech

5 DaysTrekking Desert Tours From Marrakech

5 Days Trekking Desert Tours From Marrakech Overview 

Trekking Desert Tours From Marrakech

If you dream of traveling to the Sahara desert, of harmony, of listening to the sound of silence, of the beauty and spirituality of a preserved and authentic nature and the desert Nomadic culture. Desert trekking offers a real sense of space and remoteness, especially when witnessed from the tops of the vast dune fields. Our Trekking and hiking programs run from 3 days and upwards. 

Your camel trekking and holidays in the Sahara desert with us is an authentic experience, with remote routes and wilderness camping in the unspoiled ‘Iriqui National Park‘, close to the culture and the Nomads, which will fill your soul and make your trip in the Sahara desert unforgettable leaving you with the irrepressible desire to return!

Sahara Desert Treks is your Moroccan adventure to slow travel exploration of the Sahara desert culture, Experience sleeping under the stars in a remote desert, Berber desert camping.

5 DaysTrekking Desert Tours From Marrakech itinerary

Day 1 Marrakech -Lake Iriki – Erg mhazil

Early morning departure 4×4 lunch on the way, arrive before sunset to the desert erg Mhazil, spend the first night in the tents (that are set ready by trekking guides ), we cross Iriki national park that was created in 1994, Iriqui National Park was established to protect the biodiversity, flora, and fauna across 123,000 hectares of south-eastern Morocco, and in particular to preserve the temporary wetlands of Lake Iriqui, at the heart of the desert. sunset and overnight in erg lmhazil, This vast area of sand dunes makes for a breathtaking landscape, particularly at sunrise or sunset. In the evening we make fire and admire a purely sky full with brightly stars and night out in the open air with moments of real pleasure to discover constellations.

Day 2 Eerg mhazil – Erg El Ghoule Dunes

After breakfast we start trekking on the dunes (4 hours walking)  walk in the sand dunes arrive to Erg El Ghoule sand  Dunes, We walk in the middle of the dunes, with on the horizon the mountain of Jebel Bani to the north and hamada of Draa to the south before the border with Algeria. We set up the camp near the dunes of erg el ghoul. 

Trekking Desert Tours From Marrakech

Day 3 Erg Lghoul – School Nomad – Oasis lgrizima 

After breakfast we walk towards nomads have lunch with them’ explore their lifestyle, after lunch departure to oasis lgrizima (palm trees), prépare the sand bread. spend the night there 

Day 4 Oasis lgrizima Erg Chegaga 

Departure to the highest dunes of erg chegaga, passing by tamaris trees, lunch on the way before arriving to the desert camp (time to shower, relax …) free time to watch sunset from the dunes dinner and music at night.

Day 5 Chegaga  — Marrakech 

After breakfast transfer to Marrakech passing by Mhamid lghizlan, Targalate is the former name of Mhamid. The region is historically important as trade caravans gathered, some as large as 5,000 camels, in Sidi Khalil before setting off to Timbuktu and other destinations. and after we visit Tamegroute, famous by green pottery workshops that aren’t just old, they’re also home to one the greatest secrets of Morocco. There is a particular shade of green traditionally used in the pottery of this region. It’s a green you won’t be able to find anywhere else. and Draa valley.

Trekking Desert Tours From Marrakech