Merzouga Guide, Located in the southeastern part of Morocco, near the Algerian border, lies the small village of Merzouga. Situated on the fringes of the vast Sahara desert, the largest hot desert on Earth, this charming village attracts visitors from all walks of life. Despite its modest size, with a population of around 1,000 people and a handful of hotels and restaurants, Merzouga has gained popularity among tourists and adventure enthusiasts. It offers a truly beautiful experience, where one can relish a traditional dinner under the starry sky, marvel at breathtaking sunsets while embarking on a camel ride, and be mesmerized by the shimmering sands that reflect the sun’s radiant glow. The expansive sand dunes, visible from a distance, transport you to a realm distinct from the noise of the city, leaving you in awe of the desert’s awe-inspiring beauty. Merzouga has the power to transport you to a world entirely of its own, where tranquility and the magnificence of the desert prevail.

Merzouga Guide

Best time to visit Merzouga

The ideal time to plan a visit to Merzouga is during the cooler months, spanning from October to February. During this period, the daytime temperatures are pleasant and comfortable, while the nights bring a refreshing coolness. It is advisable to avoid the summer months, from September to June, as the temperature can soar over 100 degrees, as the weather can become unbearably hot. Similarly, March and April can be unpredictable, with occasional rainfall and the possibility of sandstorms that may disrupt your tranquility. Although rainfall is rare throughout the year, these months carry a slight chance of precipitation. For your comfort and protection, it is recommended to bring scarves to shield your face from blowing sand. Additionally, packing layers of clothing is advisable, as the temperature drops noticeably after sunset.

Where to stay In Merzouga :

Staying in a traditional desert camp is the most enjoyable choice, offering tourists the opportunity to sleep in comfortable tents and indulge in wholesome, traditional Berber cuisine. As the night unfolds under the starry sky, guests can revel in the ambiance while Moroccan melodies fill the air, illuminated by the gentle glow of orange lights that envelop the surroundings. Alternatively, there are hotels available in the nearby town of Merzouga, providing excellent service and amenities. Options such as Hotel Yasmina, Kasbah Mohayut, boasting beautiful dune views and a swimming pool, Riad Mamouch, Guest House Merzouga, and Auberge Les Roches are ideal choices for budget-conscious travelers seeking quality accommodations.

Things to do in Merzouga :

Walking in a line through the sand, camel rides through the Erg Chebbi dunes offer a beautiful experience with nothing but sand dunes and the sun in your vision. To spend the night in full calm, there are various camping spots in the area, including the Sahara desert luxury camp. For those who prefer more adventurous activities, biking or hiking tours in the Erg Chebbi circuit provide an opportunity to explore and learn about the town. Sandboarding is also available, offering a thrilling experience of riding down the dunes on a sandboard. Additionally, you can embark on a hot air balloon ride to view the entire desert from above, witnessing the stunning sunset or sunrise with shades of gold, orange, and red, accompanied by the mesmerizing reflections of the glowing sands. As you explore, you may come across occasional oases, lush green patches of land surrounded by the desert, which occur when there is underground water allowing plants to thrive. Finally, in the presence of little light pollution, stargazing becomes a magical experience as you marvel at the perfectly visible stars in the night sky.


Merzouga’s best spots. 

One of the must-visit spots in Merzouga is the erg chebbi dunes, which is one of the largest in the Sahara. Another interesting place to visit is the Khamlia village, famous for its Gnawa music. Experience the traditional and soulful music by visiting one of the local music groups. Additionally, exploring the Hassi Labied village near Merzouga is a great way to experience the daily life of the locals. The village’s modest mud houses and narrow streets provide an authentic glimpse into the local culture. Don’t miss a visit to Dayet Srji, a beautiful saltwater lake near Merzouga. The lake is home to various bird species, including flamingos, making it a serene spot to observe the graceful flight of these magnificent birds.