Prepaid SIM cards, mobile data, and phone calls, staying online in Morocco

Prepaid SIM cards, mobile data, and phone calls, staying online in Morocco

Prepaid SIM cards, mobile data, and phone calls in Morocco,staying online in Morocco


Prepaid SIM cards mobile data and phone calls in Morocco staying online in Morocco

It’s never been easier to stay connected while traveling to Morocco than it is today – but that doesn’t mean that your options for staying in touch are obvious. If you’re wondering about the availability of SIM cards, quality of cell phone service, and overall internet access. In today’s post, I want to help guide you through the options available to you when you visit Morocco for getting online. 

Where can I buy a SIM card for Morocco?

These rely on 3G or 4G networks and will work wherever there is network coverage. 

It is quite simple to purchase a prepaid SIM card at the airport, you will find a local carrier at every airport arrival hall. Maroc telecom, NWI, and Orange have their own little stands where you can buy it, wait for the vendor to activate it for you. if you were late and the stands are closed you can look at any little kiosk most of them sell sim cards. a lot of times there are also promos running where they will have representatives with clipboards giving out SIM cards with 20Dh of credit for free.

 If you don’t get a  SIM card at the airport, In the city there are kiosks and small mobile phone shops on practically every corner selling prepaid SIMs with credit, you can as well buy the SIM cards from roving vendors wearing branded T-shirts of the mobile networks most of the time in the city center and crowded areas (don’t forget to make sure it is activated).

          The sim card cost 30 Dh around 3 € or 3 $

  •  PS: the SIM card vendor may ask to take a picture of your passport, it’s normal nothing to be alarmed about.


 How much do SIM cards for mobile internet cost in Morocco?

Almost all local operators have similar offers starting from 10 DH (around 1 euro) per 1 GB of data, 20 DH for 2 GB, and 50 DH for 5 GB, etc…, this gives you only data no calls or messages, and to get this special only internet data offer you have to enter a special code for internet after you buy the credit scratch the code follow instructions in the credit card and add *3 at the end for data only. 


Where to buy credit?

you can buy credit at any small shop, supermarket. In smaller shops, often the seller sends you the top-up instantly to your phone after you give him your phone number. Wait till you get the confirmation code on your phone and you’re good to go.

 Which prepaid SIM card is good for mobile internet in Morocco?

 there are three top Moroccan telco providers(Maroc Telecom, Orange Maroc, and Inwi)


 Maroc Telecom


  • Maroc Telecom is the leading network provider in Morocco
  • Best SIM card for tourists: Pass Jawal International, gives discounts on calls, data, and texts to the US, Canada, and European countries.
  • To use Maroc Telecom data you have to activate the data option on your SIM card by dialing 888 ( or as I mentioned before ask the seller or representative to do it for you.)




 Orange Maroc


  • Orange is the second largest telecommunication in Morocco.
  •  Orange’s best deal: Orange offers discounts on international calls to the US, Saudi Arabia, and almost all European countries.





  • Inwi is the smallest network provider but the best SIM card for tourists who need to communicate to people in Asia since it offers discounted calls to many Asian countries ( Recharge International prepaid SIM card).


 Alternatives to mobile internet with SIM cards


 Free Wi-Fi


Many hotels, guesthouses, and riads offer free Wi-Fi for guests. It’s common for connections to be secured with a password rather than open-access networks. Restaurants and

cafes that are primarily geared towards tourists will often offer free Wi-Fi.





It’s easy to activate. In some cases you don’t even have to, and it is by far The most expensive option, Using your operator’s roaming in Morocco is very expensive, they can charge you for one MB of consumption from six to 10 or 12 euros – an outrage! and It offers you little data. 


Will I manage without a SIM-Card?


Of course, you can manage without a SIM-Card, Free Wi-Fi is widely available throughout Morocco, and the Wi-Fi provided at your hotel will be more than adequate.


Is the internet covered in the whole country?


No, not really. The country is covered pretty well in terms of internet, but still of Most country roads and mountains have some black spots in coverage, though these are not very big.

I personally find  Maroc  Telecom to have better coverage than others across Morocco in remote, desert, or mountainous areas. . in the city they are similar and, they all work fine.

              Practical tips and information 

  • To call to Morocco from overseas dial the international access code + 212 or 00212
  • Remember, it’s always better to get things done early before the shops get too busy. That way you are more likely to receive better assistance and avoid the crowds!
  • In Morocco, almost everyone is using “WhatsApp”. It’s a convenient app to communicate with your riad or travel agency.
  • Before coming to Morocco, download the offline Google maps. Especially when you just arrive and still have no sim cards internet, to get to your hotel or riad.
  • You can pay your internet bills either at the operator’s local office, online, ATM, or fast payment service areas, which you can find in most neighborhoods.

if you travel with us our team will take care and help you find the easiest and most convenient option for your connectivity needs.

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Prepaid SIM cards mobile data and phone calls in Morocco staying online in Morocco



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