Morocco language and French  Basic Phrases to know before visiting Morocco

what language is spoken in morocco

what language is spoken in moroccoMorocco 

What language is spoken in Morocco? In Morocco the official languages are the Arabic and berber, most of people speak moroccan dialect known as Darija, French is the official second language in the country, it is taught universally and serves as Morocco’s primary language of commerce and economics.

Here some basic words of what language is spoken in morocco   to help you communicate during your travel to morocco .


  spoken by the berber people, an ethnic group in north africa who   have long and ancient history , the berber language  has 3 varities In difrent parts of Morocco,in the North of  Morocco region of Rif  peoplespeak Tarifit ,in  the south of Morocco and some part of south west which includes High Atlas, Anti Atlas, and it also spoken in regions outside of High Atlas people speak Tashelhiyt . In central Morocco people speak Tamazight.

Moroccan Darija 

Moroccan Darija is a moroccan dialect spoken only in Morocco and can be understoud and close from the Maghreb countries (Algeria,Tunisia and libya) it a mix of classic arabic, french , berber and spanich.


English Moroccan Darija French
Hotel Hotel Hotel
Hello Salam Bonjour
Please Aafak S’il vous plaît / s’il te plaît 
What’s your name? Chnou ismek Comment t’appelles-tu
No La Non
Yes Ah/ Naam Oui
How are you? kayfa halouk / Comment allez-vous?
Excuse me Smeh lya  Excusez-moi
Sorry Smeh lya  Pardon
I don’t understand Mafhemtch Je ne comprends pas 
More slowly b chwya  Plus lentement
Where is ….? Fen….? où est … ?
How much is it ? b chhal ? c’est combien ?
Where is the toilets Fen toilettes/Fen Bit lma où sont les toilettes

Not everyone speak English (Prepare your french)

We  speak a lot of languages. especially people working in the tourism field  They’re very gifted when it comes to this but not everyone does speak English. Instead,  Arabic and French are spoken by almost everyone. Ask and if they speak English they’ll switch for you,, most are much more comfortable in French, and nicer to you if you can speak it

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