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1. Introduction to Morocco

If you wish to explore the charm of Moroccan tradition and culture, then you must visit the Hammam. Commonly, a visit to Morocco is not finished without visiting the Hammam. During your visit, you will get a good understanding of the way the Moroccans experience their relaxing time. You will be welcome to go to a public Hammam in any Moroccan town, such as Marrakech, where you will feel closely the culture and the folks. The culture for the folks is indeed attractive to watch. There are many tour packages available by the Moroccan tour organizers. The packages are normally the best – you will get more hours that are satisfying with Dahbi, traveling, amusement and purchasing. Since the plan is star-rated, you can even modify the schedule to suit your requirements. If you want, you can spend a good time – if you are a couple, a particular family or a youth group.

The number of people coming to visit Morocco has positively increased since the past few decades. One of the factors that have contributed towards a rise in the number of tourists is the mission of the Moroccan administration to endorse tourism among its people, so that they help in continuing in the direction of furthering it. Morocco has further one of the most beautiful positions, it is also rich with its culture and history. Different development projects have also been initiated to improve the level of tourism. If you arrive to spend your holidays in Morocco, you will get a chance to go to an infinite array of possible activities and visit many sites where particular local events and festivals, historical elements are unforgettable.

1.1. Geography and Climate

Climate: The climate of Morocco is a moderate Mediterranean type with complex and diversified features. The Mediterranean climate is the most important in the coastal areas including Rabat, Casablanca, and Tetouan. The average temperature is 13-18°C in winter, 28-34°C in summer, and 18-22°C in the spring and autumn. On the east, the mountains refract the oceanic currents and greatly modify the climate producing an extreme continental climate. Snow and ice are most likely to appear because of the significant snow-capped peak, which is the beginning of the important river. The area has a cooler climate compared to the rest of the country.

It is estimated that Morocco is the farthest country in the northwestern part of Africa that is in the north of the African Mountain. In the 12th century, this area was the main center of the Amazigh leader. The country’s coastline touches both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. There is a 1,200-mile beach along the coast. Moreover, most of the area of the country is surrounded by the Atlas. It is the highest mountain in North Africa. Two important rivers of the world flow through the Atlas. They are not only the sources of water and feed the roots of life, agriculture, and industry but also flourish the love of beauty and myths for the Moroccan Society. The 9 million hectares forest in this country, what’s more, its area is 55.6 hectares long, it maintains the specific ecology and natural vegetation and species. Having a system of the rare plant, the forest also has the solitary animal which has a significant role in maintaining freshwater ecology.

1.2. Culture and Traditions

Morocco has every variety of climate, from sub-arctic temperatures in the mountains to tropical heat in the desert towns. Over 95% of the population is Muslim, the majority of whom are Sunnis. However, Morocco has always been a place of religious tolerance, and this can be seen in respect for and coexistence with Jews, Christians, and other religious orders. Indeed, every Moroccan town has a Mellah, a Jewish quarter, and ribbon-like borders in the foothills of the Middle Atlas consist of Jewish tombs sculptured with star-shaped graphics in Classical Arabic prose.

Morocco is a haven for unique culture, traditions, and heritage. As a result of being home to several legendary occupants, it is the fusion of Berber, Arabian, and European cultural influences that makes it one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Not only is the country proud of its wanderlust monuments and medieval heritage, but it also strives to protect unique architecture and landscape. Cinema, photography, painting, music, and crafts are all booming industries. Moroccans share at least one thing in common: they’re an incredibly proud and unashamedly friendly people.

2. Types of Travel Tour Packages

The Desert Safari is one of the most fascinating Algeria tour options for those who crave adventure. This tour is usually served by a professional pilot, who asks for the necessary undertakings and allows a brief briefing on safety and other logistics aspects. One of the wonders of the desert is discovered during the moment when the aircraft takes off; the red and pink panorama makes you vanish and sway against the setting sun. Morocco travel trip makes it possible to rise early and wake up to three large apricots, bronzed nipple grass. Thanks to the growing popularity of a balloon experience, this package sees numerous travel tourists in Marrakech; hence pre-booking is perfect. Ensure the company has a camp maintenance agent, not to 300 degrees 360 degrees sightseeing.

Have you ever grappled with the choices available when it comes to deciding the types of travel tour packages of Morocco? With the increasing number of travel packages, especially ones designed for Morocco and all its fascinating cities, if you take the time and have the choice, you will find these five popular travel package options: The Desert Safari, Morocco Cruising, Aerobatics Tour, Short But Loaded Tours, and Daily Berber Tours. Each of these tour packages is unique in their way, and travel tourists will experience a wide range of unique attractions assigned to each of the packages.

2.1. Cultural Tours

Whether you enjoy visiting medieval cities, shopping, wandering through colorful and exciting street markets, or listening to the many street musicians throughout Morocco, our comprehensive understanding of the culture, history, and customs of Morocco will give you an intimate, personal – and very real view of this ancient land. Our tours include the Imperial Cities of Fez, Meknes, and Marrakech. These ancient old towns are filled with bazaars, craftsmen, beautiful palaces, secret gardens, and lively plazas. In the smaller cities and towns, you can stroll through the enchanting narrow cobblestone streets and explore the bustling marketplaces. You will be captivated by the smells of exotic spices and fresh herbs and the brilliant garb of the local people. You will talk with the craftsmen and artisans who create beautiful works of art by hand. We can arrange a tour to fit your particular interest – whether it is Berber culture, Jewish history, or the artistic heritage of Morocco.

At Best Morocco Travel, we design our cultural tour programs for those who want to learn as much as they can about the Moroccan people and their culture. You will have plenty of opportunity to share in genuine cultural exchanges with the people you will meet. Our emphasis is on cultural understanding and we will work closely with you to meet your interests and special needs. Each of our cultural tours of Morocco is crafted to offer a unique blend of the very best the country has to offer at affordable prices.

2.2. Adventure Tours

The high Atlas offer possibilities for a very multi-dimensional range of activities, from gentle rambles to move technical treks and from gentle kilometers on back to horseback ascents. To hikers in the high Atlas, specialist travel services are available and then the major requisite is a good level of athletic fitness. While high Atlas peaks are more daring, the deep valleys are always a relatively simple thing to trek. Walking trails in the region often extend from village to village, winding via green terraces of barley, crimson poppy fields and the wonderful kaleidoscope of mountain flowers, with a backdrop of the surrounding mountains. The highest heights, featuring Mount Toubkal, are there to attract trekkers and also require a lightweight-technical trek. Custom travel packages could also be arranged that will provide an opportunity to conquer the highest mountain of North Africa.

For many young people, the adventure spirit is what inspires living. Yet for those who were not in a position to spend a hike through a thick or hot desert, Morocco offers alluring opportunities. The sheer diversity of Morocco’s scenery moves from high mountain chains to deep river valleys offers an allure to bikers and trekkers of all abilities. Yet it’s not just the land that impacts visitors: the hauntingly empty spaces that are a feature of a journey the Sahara – and the tribal nomads that customers can come to.

2.3. Desert Tours

Most of the group tours in Morocco are designed to be hassle-free, as they provide complete services for the traveler’s wants, including good transportation, food, great accommodation, and really good quality of overall service. Of course, it isn’t just us saying how great we are, but rather many satisfied customers. We always strive to provide top-quality services. It’s important on our part that each visitor receives a unique experience and unforgettable moments that ignite one’s desire to come back to Morocco and revisit us once more.

Fulfill your so-called 1001 Arabian Nights dream with an unforgettable and authentic Moroccan experience while exploring the breathtaking Moroccan deserts, which include the Sahara Desert, the largest hot desert in the world. Deserts and oases are fascinating places and offer unique moments to create amazing, unforgettable memories. There are a number of tours specifically designed for desert exploration. Most of them are designed for days at a stretch, with a professional guide. They tend to be adventurous, but each journey has its reason.

3. Top Destinations in Morocco

5. Casablanca: It is an ideal holiday destination. Also, the major gateway to Morocco is worth a visit. You will discover true Moroccan hospitality and amazing red carpet treatment. Morocco is the ideal destination for a distinctive honeymoon. It is a land of enticement and legend, created by time, and the pride of her inhabitants. It is a privilege for both the body and the spirit. The beautiful coast of Morocco and its remarkable beaches will delight your perspective. The city of Tangier is more than just a seaside city. Its magnificent forts are the ideal location for traveling vacations for any photography enthusiast.

4. Rabat: The capital city of Morocco is loaded with history. The major attractions in the city are the Hassan Tower, the Oudaias Kasbah, and the Udayas Gardens. It is surely an experience to see the changing of the guard ceremony.

3. Meknes: This city, though not very popular, has some world-class architecture like huge gates, a mausoleum, and gardens. It is also the home of a previous Sultan, Moulay Ismail.

2. Fes: The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of visiting Fes is an experience one should not miss. It is filled with palaces, fountains, and beautiful mosaics. The cuisine is also worth a try.

1. Marrakech: This city is filled with colors and culture that offer great shopping, water gardens, Palmeraie Targa, and an indigenous atmosphere. Besides, Marrakech is also known for its famous palaces known as Bahia and Badi Palace.

Morocco is filled with an extensive array of destinations for travel enthusiasts. Some of the top destinations in Morocco include:

3.1. Marrakech

The Saadian’s Tombs, The Bahia’s Palace, The Koutoubia, and The Gueliz are places to be during the stay. The Koutoubia represents the architectural jewel of the city and is characterized by its gigantic minaret. The Saadian Tombs are a testament to the great and grand architecture that was used to depict royalty at that time. Only taking a holiday in Morocco can ease the minds and refocus the souls. The Djebilet, which holds the land’s garden, indicates the entrance to the old souk; it is represented by different gardens, many flowers and birds singing. The illuminated shops and always-buzzing businesses, selling fares to both the local people and tourists, create a symphony of colors, tones, and daily optimism. In the shaded passages, one can find many medersas. There is something for everyone in Marrakech and, as we travel, all we want are great memories, unique souvenirs and, of course, an excellent and open cultural exchange with the Orient.

Marrakech is the magic city of Morocco. It is called this because it offers a traditional Oriental experience. It attracts tourists through its colors and warmth originating from the local people famous for traditional welcoming and generosity; the undisturbed architecture, the flaming sun and the breath-taking sunsets, and the windy alleys from which one can hear the constantly chanting magicians, storytellers, and snake-charmers. In Marrakech, it is where the trade would flourish; goods would come from the seven directions and the old souk, hosting since ancient times of the old masterpieces of Moroccan crafts, hides many stories. The old souk represents vast trading areas where tasty Moroccan kitchen awaits its tourists and the secret ingredients can be tasted. Near Marrakech, the ‘Menara’ is the locations perfect for a long walks.

3.2. Fes

Fes is also a good place to visit if you are looking to embark on excursions to nearby cities and sightseeing. Middle Atlas is a typical example of beautiful countryside and ecosystems. You can especially visit Ifrane, which is a nice spot for picnicking. It is also known as Moroccan Switzerland because of its architecture and trees. Another place to visit is Meknes. Among the items of interest is the old Medina and the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail. If you’re hungry for something unique and different, why don’t you visit the modernist buildings in the new town?

Fes is one of the most unique and interesting places to visit. Besides Fes el Bali, you should also take time to visit the royal palace. On the other side of the Medina (when facing Fes el Bali), the Jewish neighborhood (Mellah) is worth a visit. Nearby the Mellah, you will find the Royal Palace. The Medina was one of the most important cities in Morocco. Until today, its artisanal tradition is very much alive. We recommend you visit the tanneries in the morning when the workers are truly active. The Chaouwara tanneries are the most famous. Other sites to visit include the Bou Inania Madrassa (which acts as a religious facility) and the UNESCO World Heritage site of al-Qarawiyyin (one of the oldest universities in the world).

3.3. Chefchaouen

The town saw an era where hashish smoking was prominent among the tourists, yet a different type of traveler has now come to stay in Chefchaouen’s alluring streets. The place is a great place to hike trails, buy handmade woolen items, and maybe take part with a handsome local to see the sights of one of the few working kasbahs in the city. Don’t forget to glance at the historical Glaoui Mosque and the Spanish mosque. The town is indeed a relaxed escape, just the ideal foil to the hustle and bustle of big cities like Fes, Morocco.

Chefchaouen, also known as Chaouen, is encircled by the Rif Mountains. It is a small, beautiful town with a touch of mystery attached to it. The town is full of alleyways, which are home to a number of small souks, houses, and workshops. The buildings are colorfully painted in blue, and in some quarters, this blue seems to mirror that of the sky. Many centuries ago, Jews who escaped Europe decided to live in Chefchaouen and began to paint the town with their signature blue hues, which are associated with the heavens and the divine. This was something they really wanted to see and live with during their stay in Chaouen.

4. Choosing the Right Tour Package

– A pleasant holiday vacation is not necessarily expensive, especially when you build an ideal goal when hiring representatives. – There are many times when you can find cheaper deals and holiday travel packages with a discount.

There are packages that offer day and night packages or even shorter trips, which are perfect for those who cannot spend long days on leisure. Continental holiday packages offer the perfect amount of time for such short trips. When choosing the right travel package, it is important to search for the itinerary included in the package. Therefore, travelers should make sure that the package includes preparation. Inevitably, there are lots of unique itineraries that vacationers can choose from. A few things that vacationers should consider when choosing a comprehensive Morocco travel tour package are:

Buying a holiday Morocco package offers extreme versatility, as groups of good friends and affiliates are given the freedom to travel and learn safely. This package provides travelers with a wide variety of excellent deals and special discounts, especially when visiting popular sites in Morocco. However, it is important to recognize that these deals expire after certain dates. Therefore, it is important to do your research and make the best decision when preparing the trip.

When planning a vacation in Morocco, most travelers choose to select a package that is reliable for them to enjoy the country in a short time. By selecting the right tour package, it is not only easier to enjoy the destination’s key features, but also ensure that all the important items are included in the travel package. Therefore, travelers should consider a few things before making a reservation.

4.1. Factors to Consider

Exploring Morocco can be a very interesting idea because of the diversity that this country can offer. In more than 1700 km, we can find a humid Mediterranean forest, a dry Seroua area just north of the 2200-meter-high Atlas mountains (central offer of the country), and if we drive only 20/30 km more to the south, we can find the Morocco Sahara Desert until arriving at the Atlantic Ocean. Diverse places, cultures, and people living together in a very interesting mix that only in this state you can find. Getting to know the area for a week, or more, is the best way to live in someone else. If you choose tour packages wisely, you’re looking for a lifetime experience. It will help you to forget about unpleasant thoughts and stressful moments. In the end, all must be excellent fun. To get the most out of a visit to Morocco, you should study the local customs to avoid an uncomfortable situation, but most of all you should take a look at the tour packages to find one that you think will suit you and your friends/relatives the best. In this article, we will guide and help you.

Exploring Morocco: A comprehensive guide to travel tour packages. Nowadays, travelling is no longer considered a luxury, as it has been turned into a way of gaining knowledge as well as experiencing different aspects of life. Especially for those who live in first-world countries and work all the time, as their lives become more and more uniformed, then giving them a tour package ensures that a few days or weeks can stand away from their daily routines and make a huge difference to their mental outlook. In this article, we’ll consider the things to domestic and foreign tourists in Morocco looking to visit Morocco and the variables that will help you determine the right package for you.

4.2. Budget-Friendly Options

Charismatic Tours believes that for the majority of travelers, a Sahara Desert excursion should have a stop to explore archaeological sites. They are awesome excursions from the camp. They offer shopping in several markets. In 2018, Charismatic Tours introduced a Traditional Berber Cooking class in the dunes on several tours. Students will start the class while the camp is being set up on a very smooth sand dune slope. The class uses some mix of cooking items for use with a portable kitchen. By the time the coals burned, students shake the duties of cooking. Background music is provided but not crafted from all-natural springs dumbek, just from a portable iPod player. After dinner, participants may continue to look at the stars with the provision of a telescope if it isn’t cloudy. On each Desert tour, the camel-back ride to the camp is timed so everyone is mounted and trekking as the sun slides below the horizon. Looking for a sunset trek in the Sahara? This is the place.

Sahara Desert trips with Charismatic Tours are budget-friendly. When you consider camels for transportation and how many dinners are cooked over an open fire, one wouldn’t expect the tour to be just under $100 per day. Yet, the Adventurer Desert trip offers that unique experience. Here, participants stop at different pre-determined large sand dunes to climb. Day three of the tour participants stop mid-day in an Oasis, swim in a waterfall and drink mint tea. A hotel stay in the town of Todra is included in the Adventurer tour as well as its sister, the Jebel Sahroi Desert among others. As previously mentioned, the designer of Charismatic Tours loves food. It shows in the variety and quality of meals they serve. The longer tours offer the basic and flavored tagine meals. Just with dinner, participants sip soup and side salads as they watch the sunset. Various sandwiches are served at lunch, and dessert continues to lean towards small portions, often a piece of fruit, a crepe, the last and forever popular steaming mint tea.

5. Tips for a Memorable Travel Experience

To be able to fully enjoy the tourist experiences in Morocco, an engaging traveler will want to experience as much of Morocco as possible in the limited time available. Choosing a travel agent who is best able to provide a varied itinerary and ensure that the important destination highlights are taken care of in good style and comfort will preserve the tourist energy and allow him to really enjoy the rich cultural and scenic experiences. Visitors who opt to go sailing in Morocco can expect a royal moment as they are transported to their destination in supercilious luxury in some charter cruises. Tourists may enjoy silent, relaxing, breezy meals of Moroccan cuisine served on board confidently and comfortably during their planned journey.

Engaging the services of a reputable and efficient travel agent or travel agency is always the first step in ensuring a truly memorable travel experience. The client setting out to travel to Morocco should ideally choose an established travel and tour company that is able to offer all its important tangent services and conveniences of top quality and at competitive rates. These would involve airport transfers from and to any airport in any part of Morocco, as well as Sonya coast excursions. In fact, conveniently situated excursions that may be booked with the same travel agent will also be the center of the client’s Morocco travel itinerary because of its beautiful locations and beautiful sites.

5.1. Packing Essentials

Jacket or shawl: Taking into consideration the extreme temperature in Morocco, a light sweater would be ideal to cover up, especially during the evening.

Hats: As a backup plan for those who do not have sunglasses and still need to protect their eyes from the sun, hats will be useful. Not only will it protect your eyes but also provide good shade for your face and for the top of your head.

Sunglasses: Morocco can get quite bright during summer months, so it is recommended to bring sunglasses to protect yourself from the hot and practical sun.

Clothing: Moroccan clothing is generally conservative. It is advised for men and women to wear modest clothing and avoid revealing too much skin. Women need to wear longer shorts or pants and avoid sleeveless or low-cut tops. It is also important to cover bare shoulders when visiting out of open public places, as it is respectful as well as for your own comfort.

Comfortable shoes: Comfortable walking shoes would be useful for travelers. It is important when one explores a new place and is also practical for long walks since there are many cobbled alleyways in the Medina areas.

5.2. Cultural Etiquette

Customs that do not exist in Europe include eating with your hands or two fingers and using only one hand to take food from a dish, traditional dress for boys, girls, men, and women, and the locals’ prayer time – this is something that has to be especially respected during the month of Ramadan. Also, respect different values and realize that Western values and outlooks are not superior to Moroccan. First and foremost, be prepared to be patient – an important virtue in Morocco. Life in Morocco can be compared to capitalistic principles – you pay for what you want. Decency and patience will get you a long way.

Moroccans are genuinely friendly people, and this will give the naive European traveler a feeling of warmth and being welcome. Of course, there are exceptions to this, but in general, Moroccans are friendly and mind their own business. The Moroccan culture is far from the lack of freedom and rigidity, especially in Saudi Arabia. Moroccans are also very family-oriented.



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