Morocco For New Year, Your Ultimate Guide to Celebrating in Style

Morocco For New Years

Hello! I’m a  Fadoua a local travel planner from Morocco, with many years of experience organizing tours for families. Let me introduce you to Morocco if you’re considering a New Year’s trip. This guide will help you plan an amazing New Year’s celebration in Morocco, filled with insider recommendations and tips from a local expert.

Why Choose Morocco for New Year’s

Perfect Weather

weather in Morocco is perfect even in the cold months of December and January, it is still a pleasant and cool climate, sunny and warm during the day, varies significantly from region to region. Coastal cities like Rabat and Essaouira enjoy mild weather with average temperatures ranging from 15°C to 20°C. However, going to the Atlas Mountains and Sahara desert is much colder, especially at night.

Diverse Attractions and Festive Atmosphere

Morocco is a mix of cultures, offering a unique blend of traditional and modern celebrations. Whether you’re looking for a clubbing and nightlife party, a relaxing mountain retreat, or a unique desert experience, Morocco has it all. The festive vibes during New Year’s are alive, with locals and visitors joining in the celebrations.

Top Destinations in Morocco for New Year’s Celebrations


The Red City is the most popular city in Morocco and the most visited, Marrakech is a suitable place to spend the end of the year for its luxury hotels, and high-quality riads. You can take advantage of your time in Marrakech to do many unique adventures, such as a royal hot air balloon ride with breakfast on board. also, many luxury hotels and riads offer gala dinners with live music, dancing, and fireworks.

Sahara Desert: 

For a truly unique and memorable celebration. Consider spending New Year’s Eve in Morocco’s Sahara desert, Our New Year’s Eve tour packages provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy the splendor of starlight in the world’s largest hot desert. In this more spiritual environment, you can meditate on your recent past. As well as your hopes and wishes for the future, while enjoying the dazzling light show offered by nature itself. One of the best activities to spend New Year in Morocco is the Camel Ride into the desert to watch the magical sunset over the dunes. Spend the night in a traditional desert camp, with music, dancing, and stargazing.

Family-Friendly New Year’s Activities

Cooking Classes: are one the best activities that all families enjoy and find it to be fun and informative for kids, i organise cooking classes with local families inside their houses, for the experience to be authentic and allow the kids to immerse with the culture, cooking classes can be hosted in many places, I organize it in Fes, Marrakech, and Rose valley.

Storytelling Evenings: We recognize the universal appeal of storytelling and we started to curate intimate storytelling sessions, specifically designed for our clients and curious travelers. we successfully organized storytelling sessions in traditional Riads in the historic medina where visitors travel in time in a cozy atmosphere for guests to immerse themselves in the narrative tradition of Morocco.

Story telling in moroccostorytelling in Morocco is an ancient art and tradition, deeply rooted in Moroccan culture, and continues to thrive in the heart of the city, captivating both locals and tourists alike,  the stories are incredible, educational, and funny, it is an integral part of Moroccan culture. As Marrakech has evolved into a major tourist destination, the tradition of storytelling has been meticulously curated to bridge the gap between the rich Moroccan heritage and the diverse array of international visitors seeking to experience it.

Craft Workshops with Moroccan Artisans: We curate workshops with artisans in the souks of Marrakech, this activity is fun and engaging for kids and families, and one of the highlights of these experiences is the opportunity to learn from three master Moroccan artisans, each specializing in a distinct traditional craft.

Artisans workshopThe first one is the art of Zouak painting, a technique used to adorn wooden ceilings and furniture with vibrant Moroccan geometric patterns. The second master is a skilled leather craftsman who guides participants in demonstrating the time-honored methods of crafting delicate leather goods. The third one is Zellige Moroccan mosaic where participants can get hands-on with mosaic art, piecing together colorful tiles to create stunning Zellige designs.

Atlas Mountains Cultural Day: Another activity a Family enjoys is a cultural visit to the Atlas Mountains and Berber villages. It’s a short and easy trip that allows you to explore the pure nature of Morocco and visit many famous spots. The journey to the Atlas Mountains alone can take your breath away as you admire the changing environment along the way.

During your visit, you can even make a stop at a village and experience the natural life of the locals. Indulge in their delicious cuisine, interact with the people, and explore their traditions and customs

Practical Tips for Planning Your New Year’s Trip

Book one of our Family Morocco Tours for the new year Today. Call  +212665164076. We will customize a private family trip, to Morocco For the New Year

Hiring a private driver  

this is the most expensive choice to get around inside the city but it is efficient in case you have a small amount of time and want to visit many places, also if you are a group of 4 and up it is a wiser decision to hire a private a driver and split the cost and save time. contact us to organize a private driver, local guide, and more, +212665164076

Booking Accommodations

To enjoy your tour in Morocco for New Year, make sure to book in advance, as most of the beautiful accommodations, charming traditional riads, and luxury hotels are booked in advance during  New Year and Christmas dates as it is considered peak season in Morocco.

Testimonials and Success Stories, Recommended Tour operator by families and couples visiting Morocco in New Years 

Thank you Fadoua you for planning the BEST trip. My husband and I still talk about our trip every single day.

Everything you planned all the way down to the last detail was above and beyond. Our accommodations were spectacular, and Morocco is just the most magical place with the warmest and most welcoming people.

Lastly, Bachir made the whole trip. He is so knowledgeable, kind, informative, and generous. Thank you for connecting us with him and planning out all the amazing details!

Travelers, do not hesitate and book with Fadoua. She is the best of the best!


December  2023 • Couples

An experience of a lifetime that we will forever cherish and remember. I was so lucky that I found Fadoua (Morocco Travel Planner) via an Instagram reel, I reached out and gave Fadoua our arrival time, and she arranged everything for my wife and I. The individual attention and the customization of our activities were amazing. I can’t thank you enough for the amazing time we had in Morocco.

We booked a 6 days trip from Marrakech to Tanger through the desert. Here are some details of the experience we had:


Our guide Bachir made everything so nice and amazing Bachir would go out of his way to make you comfortable and it was a pleasure to be in his company, we couldn’t have asked for a better time in Morocco. Bachir was very knowledgeable, and he answered all of our questions. Bachir would make stops for us to take pictures if we needed them, and he was always on time. The car was clean, and we always had water. If you can think it Bachir can make it happen. Thank you Bachir for everything.

During the trip we stayed in a different town through out. When we booked Fadoua asked for our hotel preferences and made all the arrangements and the booking, every single hotel was amazing and had its charm.

Guides During Daily Activities:
In Marrakech Ismail was the most knowledgeable in every detail and every question he had an answer.

During our trip to Ourika Valley, Fadoua and Bachir were so amazing, friendly and we felt like they were enjoying everything as much as we are.

In Fes we had Khadeja and she was so amazing, she knew every one and everything she taught us many things and she made our stay in Fes a Fantastic experience.

Overall we didn’t just visited a foreign country we felt home, and welcomed we enjoyed every second of it from the busy streets of Marrakech to the mountains, the valleys and the desert all of it was like a dream and this dream wouldn’t be as real without all the people like Fadoua, Bachir and everyone else.

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