Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech

Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech

Marrakech, the “Red City,” enchants travelers with its vibrant atmosphere and top tourist attractions. The city’s heart, Jemaa el-Fnaa Square, is a lively hub of snake charmers, storytellers, and street performers, set against the backdrop of the iconic Koutoubia Mosque. The surrounding souks, a maze of narrow alleys, offer a treasure trove of spices, textiles, and traditional crafts, making Marrakech a must-visit destination for those seeking an authentic Moroccan experience.

 Best tourist places in Marrakech :

  • The souks (Markets) :

The souks (Markets) are one of Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech

The term souks means simply markets, and it is an unmissable attraction even if you’re not into shopping, the souks are still a site worth experiencing. the unique and chaotic atmosphere, the haggle, the smell of spices, the magic light lamps, traditional clothes, fabric, and street food. The souks add them to unique travel experiences in Morocco’s red city. If you’re not close to Djemaa el-Fna, finding your way through Marrakech’s bustling souks can be daunting. The narrow, covered alleyways teeming with goods can easily confuse.

Simplify Your Exploration and Opt for a licensed guide or tour to navigate confidently, especially if time is limited. Alternatively, explore independently using a detailed souk map or offline Google Maps. Highlight key souks and main routes beforehand for a smoother experience. Keep Orientation Simple, Look for directional signs and landmarks like the Koutoubia Mosque, a short walk from Djemaa el-Fna, to guide you back if you lose your way in the labyrinthine souks.

Relax and Refresh on a Rooftop Amidst the souks’ hustle, take a break at a rooftop café. Places like Café France, Le Grand Balcon du Café Glacier, and Café des Épices offer serene views and a perfect spot to enjoy mint tea while soaking in the vibrant street scenes below.

  • The Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace one of Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech

the writer Edith Wharton. She described the palace this way: “They came, they built the Bahia, and it remains the loveliest and most fantastic of Moroccan palaces. Court within court, garden beyond the garden, reception halls, private apartments, slaves’ quarters, sunny prophets’ chambers on the roofs, and baths in vaulted crypts, the labyrinth of passages and rooms stretches away over several acres of ground.

Not to be missed, I believe the Bahia Palace is one of the best attractions in Marrakech. It is a superb place in which it needs to linger a long time before counting your visit to interest centers in Marrakech.

More interesting with a guide, Given that the palace is empty and there is very little information in English you may want to hire a guide who will not only ensure that you don’t get lost but give you fascinating snippets of information to make your tour of this popular attraction in Marrakech even more worthwhile. we recommend booking a guided tour so that you can make the most of your visit.

  • The Majorelle Garden / Yves saint Laurent Museum : 

Majorelle Garden one of Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech

Majorelle Garden is One of the most visited sites in Marrakech also known as Yves Saint Laurent gardens, it took French painter Jacques Majorelle (1886-1962) forty years of passion and dedication to create this enchanting garden in the heart of the “Ochre City”, During his travels, he brings back plants from all over the world or exchanges with correspondents like him passionate about botany, hundreds of plants : bamboos, cacti, coconut trees, willows, palm trees, thuyas, jasmines, water lilies, agaves, carob trees, bougainvilleas, daturas, cypress trees, ferns Read MoreMajorelle Garden

  •  The Koutoubia Mosque’s : 

Koutoubia one of Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech

The Koutoubia mosque is the largest mosque in Marrakech and the city’s most famous landmark with its central and magical location in the medina less than 200 meters from the famous Jeema el Fna Square, with its 77 meters minaret (at the highest point of the spire) you can’t miss the mosque during any walk in the medina or the new town as it is visible from the main boulevards of Marrakech, it is also the sight of the tourists from the terraces of the Riads, hotels, and restaurants rooftops of the Medina.

Non-Muslim visitors are not allowed to enter inside the mosque, this rule was set by French colonial rulers in the 20th century. but still, you can admire the majestic of the Koutoubia from the outside, at night or during the day, take pretty pictures and wander in the gardens, a perfect spot for strolling, relaxing on park benches, and generally taking a quiet break, and it has great views of the Koutoubia minaret.

  • Medrassa Benyoussef : 

Madrassa Ben Youssef one of Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech

Madrassa Ben Youssef is a mesmerizing architectural masterpiece located in the heart of Marrakech Medina. With a rich history dating back to the 14th century, this historical treasure was once a prominent Islamic school that attracted scholars from all corners of the Muslim world.

For more than four centuries, it was a major destination for students from all over the world. Today it has become a distinctive tourist attraction. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit this amazing place.

I recommend visiting it in the morning when there are fewer crowds and the early sun light beautifully highlights the disciplined beauty of the Madrasssa. Maybe you will be lucky enough to even meet a young calligrapher who sometimes sets up a small table in the courtyard and, for just a few dirhams, will write your name in swirling letters.

  • Dar ElBacha Coffee : 

Dar El Bacha one of Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech

This beloved café is located in the heart of the city, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the vibrant city streets. It is frequented by locals and tourists alike, making it a great place to mingle and explore the culture of this magical city. Dar El Bacha is a small, but charming café located in the heart of Marrakech. It is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike and offers a unique coffee experience that is hard to find elsewhere. The café itself is small, but cozy, with plenty of seating options and an inviting atmosphere. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the coffee is of the highest quality. The café is open all day and is the perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • Badii Palace : 

Badii Palace one of Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech

The El Badi Palace is located just to the north of the Agdal Gardens in Marrakech. If you’re exploring the city on foot, you can reach in around 10 minutes’ walk from Jemaa el Fna square.Open every day from 9 am to 5 pm. El Badi Palace’s name means ‘the incomparable’ as the descendants of the prophet, the successors to the Almoravides, the Almohads, and Merinids, had to demonstrate their majesty. Their aim was to make a semblance of paradise there. The palace dates back to the late 1570s, It was built on the order of Ahmed el Mansour, a Saadi sultan who came to power in 1578. 

  • Secret Gardens or ”Le Jardin Secret”

Jardin secret one of Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech

is Situated among the narrow, winding alleys and lanes of the city’s famous souks, just to the north of the central square, Jemaa el Fna, Le Jardin Secret has its origins in the latter part of the 16th century. A former palace on this site was destroyed after the Saadian dynasty’s decline in the late 17th century but a new one, respecting the Saadian era’s original layout for the complex, was soon built to replace it. During the 1930s, maintenance of the complex ceased and it fell into disrepair. It was not until 2008 that the idea to recreate the gardens took root and, in 2018, Le Jardin Secret, after a long program of research and construction, opened its doors to the public for the first time.

Top Hotels in Marrakech Morocco :

  • Understanding the hotel scene in Marrakech, What is a Riad? 

Marrakech’s hotel landscape is as diverse as the city itself, offering a wide range of accommodations to suit every traveler’s needs and preferences. From the opulent luxury hotels that exude Moroccan grandeur to the charming boutique riads nestled within the medina, the city’s hospitality industry caters to a variety of tastes and budgets.

A riad is a traditional Moroccan house with a garden on the inside. This inner courtyard acts as a sanctuary and respite from the outside world. Beautiful tile work, plants, and water features commonly grace this space, giving you a real feeling of peace. If the term “Dar” literally means “house”, the word “Riad” can be translated as “garden”. We can then say that it is a house focused on an indoor garden.

These intimate and often family-owned properties offer a more immersive cultural experience and are incredible places to stay because they give a genuinely Moroccan experience. Riads are known for being exquisite displays of intricate Moroccan architecture. Everywhere you look, you can see the beautiful, hand-laid tile work Morocco is associated with.

  • Luxury hotels / Riads in Marrakech :

La Mamounia Marrakech :

Mamounia one of Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech
Photo Credit : La Mamounia hotel

Step into a Moroccan palace at this luxury hotel. Nestled in the heart of the imperial city, it captures the intoxicating mood of the Orient. Lush gardens overflow with citrus trees, fragrant roses, ancient olives, and a vegetable garden where chefs handpick ingredients for the hotel’s three signature restaurants. La Mamounia hotel exudes handcrafted Moorish opulence, as sensuous as a seraglio. A legendary den of decadence, it has hosted guests like Winston Churchill, whose eponymous suite pays tribute to his legacy. Now, it boasts a meticulous refurbishment by luxury-lifestyle luminaries like Jacques Garcia and Olivia Giacobetti, with world-class chefs leading its restaurants.

Royal Lmansour Marrakech :

Royal Mansour one of Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech
Photo credit : Royal Lmansour

Nestled in the heart of Marrakech, the Royal Mansour is an embodiment of Moroccan grandeur and opulence. This luxury hotel, conceived by the King of Morocco, offers an unparalleled experience of traditional craftsmanship and modern sophistication. Its lush gardens feature aromatic plants and exotic flora, providing a serene retreat within the bustling city. Guests can savor exquisite cuisine at the hotel’s multiple restaurants, where renowned chefs create culinary masterpieces using the freshest ingredients. The Royal Mansour’s stunning riads, each uniquely designed and lavishly appointed, ensure a stay that is as luxurious as it is memorable. The hotel’s dedication to excellence is evident in every detail, making it a preferred destination for discerning travelers.

The Oberoi Marrakech :

The Oberoi one of Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech
photo credit : The Oberoi Marrakech

The Oberoi Marrakech, set amidst twenty-eight acres of Mediterranean orchards and ancient olive groves, is a sanctuary of luxury and elegance. This palatial resort features exquisite architecture inspired by traditional Moroccan design, with grand courtyards, intricate mosaics, and opulent interiors. The hotel’s spacious villas and suites, many with private pools, offer unparalleled comfort and privacy. Guests can indulge in world-class dining at the hotel’s restaurants, which offer a diverse array of cuisines prepared by master chefs. The Oberoi’s spa, surrounded by water features and fragrant gardens, provides a tranquil escape with holistic treatments that rejuvenate the body and spirit. With its impeccable service and stunning setting, The Oberoi Marrakech offers an unforgettable experience of Moroccan luxury.

Selman Marrakech :

Selman one of Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech
Photo Credit : Selman Marrakech

A jewel in the crown of Moroccan hospitality, Selman Marrakech is a luxurious retreat that epitomizes elegance and sophistication. Situated on the outskirts of Marrakech, this exquisite hotel is renowned for its majestic Arabian horses, which guests can admire in the on-site stables. The hotel’s architecture and interior design reflect a harmonious blend of traditional Moroccan craftsmanship and contemporary flair, featuring hand-carved woodwork, intricate mosaics, and plush furnishings. Selman’s expansive gardens, adorned with palm trees and vibrant flowers, create a serene oasis. Dining at Selman is a gastronomic delight, with three restaurants offering a diverse array of culinary experiences, from Moroccan specialties to international cuisine. The luxurious spa, inspired by ancient wellness traditions, provides a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. Selman Marrakech offers an unforgettable escape, where opulence and tranquility meet.

Mandarin Oriental Marrakech :

Mandarin oriental one of Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech
Photo Credit: Mandarin Oriental Marrakech

Set amidst sprawling gardens and olive groves, Mandarin Oriental Marrakech offers a luxurious and serene escape just minutes from the vibrant heart of Marrakech. This stunning resort combines contemporary design with traditional Moroccan elements, featuring spacious villas and suites, each with private gardens, pools, and elegant interiors. The lush grounds are interwoven with serene water features and aromatic gardens, creating a peaceful ambiance. Culinary excellence is at the heart of the Mandarin Oriental experience, with restaurants that showcase the finest Moroccan and international flavors, crafted with fresh, local ingredients. The resort’s world-class spa, set in a tranquil oasis, offers holistic treatments that rejuvenate the body and mind. With its impeccable service, breathtaking surroundings, and luxurious accommodations, Mandarin Oriental Marrakech promises an exceptional stay in one of the world’s most enchanting cities.

Amanjena Marrakech :

Amenjenna one of Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech
Photo Credit : Amanjena Marrakech

Set just outside the vibrant city of Marrakech, Amanjena is a serene oasis of peace and luxury. Inspired by the rose-hued buildings of old Marrakech, this tranquil resort offers spacious pavilions and maisons, each with a private garden and some with their own pools. The lush grounds are dotted with palm trees and olive groves, creating a sense of secluded paradise. Amanjena’s culinary offerings are as refined as its surroundings, with a focus on Mediterranean and Moroccan flavors, using ingredients sourced from the hotel’s organic garden. The resort’s spa provides a haven of relaxation, with treatments that draw on ancient wellness traditions. Amanjena is a perfect retreat for those seeking tranquility and luxury in a beautiful, natural setting.

  • Boutique hotels & Luxury Riads  in Marrakech

La Sultana Marrakech :

Sultana one of Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech

A luxurious romantic hideaway within a walled medina of Marrakech, La Sultana is moments away from the royal palaces, museums, and souks of this magical city. This is a small, luxury hotel that knows how to spoil its guests, especially in the spa. From almonds to dates, prickly pears to Damask roses, the alchemist-like therapists make the most of Morocco’s natural treasures. There’s a Jacuzzi, two hammams, and a sauna here too – not to mention candlelit pools. The ambiance is one of timeless elegance, with intricately carved woodwork, sumptuous fabrics, and hand-painted ceilings. The hotel’s rooftop terrace provides breathtaking views of the Atlas Mountains and the vibrant cityscape. La Sultana’s gourmet restaurant serves delectable Moroccan and international cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. With its award-winning spa, tranquil courtyards, and impeccable service, La Sultana Marrakech promises a stay that is both relaxing and enchanting.

El Fenn :

El Fen Hotel one of Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech
Photo credit : Elfenn Hotel

El Fenn is a stylish boutique hotel nestled within the historic Medina of Marrakech. This eclectic retreat is a vibrant fusion of traditional Moroccan craftsmanship and contemporary art, featuring hand-carved plasterwork, bold textiles, and an extensive collection of modern artworks. Each room and suite is uniquely designed, offering luxurious comfort with a touch of bohemian flair. The hotel’s lush courtyards, filled with olive trees and fragrant jasmine, provide a tranquil escape from the bustling city. Guests can enjoy panoramic views of the Medina and the Atlas Mountains from the rooftop terrace, which also houses a plunge pool and a restaurant serving delectable Moroccan and international cuisine. With its intimate atmosphere, artistic spirit, and personalized service, El Fenn offers a unique and unforgettable Marrakech experience.

Riad Tarabel :

Riad Tarabel one of Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech
Photo Credit : Riad Tarabel

Riad Tarabel is an elegant sanctuary tucked away in the heart of Marrakech’s Medina. This intimate riad, designed with a nod to French colonial style, exudes timeless charm and sophistication. The interior spaces are adorned with antique furnishings, soft neutral tones, and delicate fabrics, creating an ambiance of refined tranquility. The serene courtyards, complete with lush greenery and a refreshing plunge pool, offer a peaceful retreat for guests. Riad Tarabel’s dining experience is a culinary journey, featuring exquisite Moroccan dishes prepared with fresh, local ingredients. The riad’s personalized service and attention to detail ensure that every guest feels like royalty. With its serene elegance and warm hospitality, Riad Tarabel is a hidden gem in the heart of Marrakech.

La Maison Arabe :

Maison Arabe one of Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech
Photo credit : La Maison Arabe

La Maison Arabe, a legendary establishment in Marrakech, seamlessly blends historic charm with modern luxury. This iconic hotel, once a favorite of luminaries and dignitaries, boasts beautifully appointed rooms and suites, each uniquely decorated with traditional Moroccan craftsmanship and contemporary comforts. The lush gardens, home to exotic plants and a serene pool, provide a tranquil haven within the bustling Medina. La Maison Arabe is renowned for its culinary excellence, featuring a restaurant that serves both authentic Moroccan cuisine and international dishes, prepared with the finest ingredients. The hotel’s cooking school offers guests a unique opportunity to learn the secrets of Moroccan cuisine. With its rich history, luxurious accommodations, and exceptional service, La Maison Arabe offers an unparalleled experience of Marrakech’s vibrant culture and hospitality.

Villa des Orangers :

Villa Orangers one of Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech
Photo Credit : Villa des Orangers

Villa des Orangers is a luxurious riad located at the foot of the Koutoubia Mosque, offering a serene retreat in the heart of Marrakech. This Relais & Châteaux property combines the elegance of a traditional Moroccan palace with modern amenities. The spacious rooms and suites are beautifully decorated with handcrafted furniture, rich fabrics, and intricate tilework. The lush gardens, with their orange trees and fragrant flowers, create a peaceful oasis, complete with a sparkling pool. Villa des Orangers’ restaurant offers a gourmet dining experience, featuring a blend of Moroccan and Mediterranean flavors, crafted from the freshest ingredients. The hotel’s spa provides a range of rejuvenating treatments, ensuring complete relaxation for guests. With its exquisite decor, tranquil ambiance, and impeccable service, Villa des Orangers is a haven of luxury in Marrakech.

Riad Palais Sebban :

Palais Sebban one of Top Tourist Attractions in Marrakech
Photo Credit : Riad Palais Sebban

Riad Palais Sebban is a beautifully restored 19th-century palace, located in the heart of Marrakech’s Medina. This luxurious riad showcases the rich heritage of Moroccan architecture, with its intricate mosaics, carved cedarwood, and lavish furnishings. Each room and suite is a unique masterpiece, combining traditional Moroccan decor with modern comforts. The riad’s serene courtyards, filled with lush greenery and tranquil fountains, offer a peaceful retreat for guests. The rooftop terrace provides stunning views of the Medina and the Atlas Mountains, and the restaurant serves a delightful array of Moroccan and international cuisine. The riad’s hammam and spa offer a range of treatments, providing a perfect escape for relaxation. With its opulent design, warm hospitality, and central location, Riad Palais Sebban offers an unforgettable experience of Marrakech’s enchanting charm.

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