Can you smoke in Morocco?

Can you smoke in Morocco?

Can you smoke in Morocco?

Morocco is a moderate Islamic country, all the big cities and touristic areas are liberal, In most of the restaurants and coffee shops you can smoke even inside, In public buildings, you can”t smoke, for accommodations, hotels and riads you can smoke in open spaces like rooftops, terraces, pools, and gardens ….

Can you smoke  at Marrakesh Menara Airport (RAK)

In Marrakech airport there are two smoking areas, one at the arrival where there are one terminal and one at the departure between gate 2 and gate 3 where you can smoke once you arrive after passport control and luggage.

Can you smoke in Marrakech 

In Marrakech, smoking is common in all restaurants and coffee shops, even in closed places although it is better to avoid smoking in public especially during the holy month of Ramadan when locals are fasting and can’t smoke during the day.

What about women smoking in Morocco 

In big cities like Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat.. it is normal for women to smoke women in cafes and restaurants but very rarely on the streets.  but in small villages, it is less common and rarely women are in the cafes anyway.  

can you buy cigarettes in morocco

 You can buy cigarettes almost in any shop, very easy to find I would advise avoiding the ones sold in streets where you find vendors near coffeeshops selling only cigarettes, sometimes they are exported expired. a pack of cigarettes 20 pack Marlboro cost around  35 DH, 3.5 euros,  You Can Bring into Morocco in, free of duty, the following: (1) tobacco (200 cigarettes/100 cigarillos/25 cigars)


Can you buy tobacco in Morocco?

Tobacco can be found in some shops in big cities, In Marrakech, you can find it in the square Jamaa El Fna there are shops near cafe France and near the post, and you can buy it at the airports.

Tobacco’s history in Morocco

According to Moroccan scholar and writer Mohamed Sghir Al Ifrani, smoking tobacco was imported to Morocco in the sixteenth century by a caravan from Malli sent to sultan Ahmed Al Mansour, but this habit was not well received by Muslims scholars in the country at that time.

Smoking Kif in Morocco

the preparation  (kif) is a powder made from the dried flower of the female plant of cannabis. It contains 2 to 3% THC and is smoked mixed with tobacco (1/3 of the mixture), kif is broadly smoked by locals often in a joint by mixing it with tobacco and rolling it up, or in a pipe ( called sebsi in Moroccan dialect) which can be purchased in most markets around Morocco., cultivation is authorized in an area of 60 square miles in the high Rif mountain of Northern Morocco, this situation was accepted by the Sultan, however, The drug industry surrounding kif is strictly illegal in is illegal to smoke it. Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen and Ketama are the most famous for kif production.


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